Court Finds Not Every Crime Involving a Computer Is a Cyber Crime

The following is written by Tressler LLP’s Todd Rowe. The original post can be found here – “One-Size Does Not Fit All: Court Finds Not Every Crime Involving A Computer Is A Cyber Crime”

Over the years there have been questions whether the term “cyber” is adequate in light of the exponential growth of privacy law. First, the term “cyber” tried to do too much when it was used to describe everything from large-scale data breaches to small instances of corporate espionage. Further, the term “cyber” did not do enough to distinguish between personal information being compromised through sophisticated computer attacks and information compromised through unsophisticated employee negligence. Finally, the “one-size fits all” use of the term “cyber” has recently been called into question by a federal court.

Court Refuses To “Bail Out” Data Breach Plaintiffs by Dismissing Bailment Claim

At this point in the development of data breach litigation, it is clear that plaintiffs may be on a sinking ship when they try to establish liability and damages against defendants. In order to meet their burden, a plaintiff must show they suffered a concrete injury from a data breach and that they were injured by that particular data breach and not another unrelated incident involving their personal information. Consequently, the potential causes of action available to data breach plaintiffs seem to decrease with each new decision.

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Cyber Security Tips for Scanning to Detect Vulnerabilities

cyber securityEach passing year has seen greater malware threats, as cyber security must be treated as a top issue in the business world. Security strength can be measured in levels based on the effectiveness and reliability of technology. Vulnerability scanners and penetration tools can provide extra strength to proactive security strategies. Here are some of the most important strategies you can use for improving your security:

Why Your Network Security Must Extend Beyond Your Perimeter

IT securityUser and device credentials play an important role in IT security. If you don’t take passwords or security seriously enough, it can someday be big trouble for your business. Cybercrime is on the rise, even as security solutions grow more sophisticated. Here are the multiple factors to check to make sure that your business network is safe from harm:

How Banks Can Improve Cybersecurity

cyber securityEvery bank needs to make cyber security a top priority to keep internal systems safe from exploitation. User device identities must be well-managed, along with access to trusted services. Bank and IT officials must work together and take a proactive approach to blocking cybercriminals, which continue to pose threats to privacy, financial protection, and company stability. Here are points to remember about securing and managing identities, so that your company is in compliance with government regulations:

The Importance of an Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

network securityWith the widespread use of technology, businesses of all sizes have significantly benefited from the utilization of the Internet and technical resources. On the other hand, virtual security threats are an ever increasing problem, and an intrusion detection system (IDS) can help protect your company from external threats and provide network security. An intrusion detection system simply monitors network traffic and will alert the network administrator of any unusual activity. It is very similar to a house alarm system which will sound an alarm if an intruder attempts to break into a window or a door. For example, if a hacker attempts to gain access to your computer or network, the intrusion detection system will immediately notify the network administrator of the attempted security breach. Once reported, the manager can pinpoint the exact location of the suspicious activity and follow the proper safety protocols.

How Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessments Protect Your Network

Identifying Vulnerability

IT consulting ChicagoIT consulting in Chicago represents an integral component of ensuring that systems are functioning securely. Here’s the deal: no system is invulnerable. Because of entropy, the most secure system in the world still has some quotient of weakness, even if that weakness is merely gradual obsolescence. While it’s impossible to entirely curtail this reality, it’s possible to substantially diminish the areas of your operations which represent a vulnerability. But this will require a concerted effort. Additionally, there are several types of testing ultimately necessary for greatest security. Primarily, these tests fall into two categories: vulnerability testing and penetration testing. Ideally, you want to regularly conduct tests in both categories.

How Flow Data is Changing Network Security Analytics as We Know It

network securityIn the last two years, there has been a drastic change in network analysis as more and more companies have come to understand the importance of network flow data in all aspects of their network analytics. Whereas in the past, IT teams would survey network security, performance, and process improvement as separate tasks using small packets of data related to each field, flow data is now providing a more thorough look at all of these topics combined.

Importance of Managed Security Services for Businesses

network securityWith the Internet being a major component for most businesses, it’s risky for one to operate without proper network security. Technology has developed over the years, and unfortunately, so did hackers and other malicious entities that would do anything to hack into your network and harm your computer. Cases of viruses attacking network systems and paralyzing operations have been on an upward trajectory.

Using a Cyber Security DMZ to Protect Your Networks

The Demilitarized Zone

cyber securityCyber security often incorporates a “network DMZ.” The De-Militarized Zone between North and South Korea was something established that put either side of the conflict out of the range of gunfire from the other. If you were caught in the DMZ, there was a high propensity you’d be shot.

Why Effective Cybersecurity Is More Than Defense

The Value of Monitoring

network security ChicagoA network security company in Chicago that provides you only contingency measures in the event of security breach won’t fully encompass your business’s needs. Certainly, it’s good to have recuperation measures in place for those situations when something goes wrong, but more than that, you want monitoring solutions which can watch your operations and ensure everything is progressing as it should. Sometimes very subtle things are indicative of security compromise. For example, when there are operations which don’t match the “normal” spread of daily egress, it could mean a hacker is manipulating the system remotely and just waiting for his or her chance to do some serious damage.

5 Reasons Why to Engage a Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Provider

IT security ChicagoBusinesses are increasingly facing various cyber threats, and IT security in the Chicago area has never been more important. Luckily, onShore Security provides managed security services for companies of all sizes. Whether you need the latest virus protection or the newest software update, managed security services will meet all of your business needs. Here are five reasons why companies should consider outsourcing our IT support:

8 Keys to Ensuring Strong Cyber Security

IT securityPreventing and interrupting cyberattacks should be a primary concern of IT security today. Hackers are only getting better at their craft— even as the most sophisticated security outpaces them. At some point, even the best security solutions today may become vulnerable in the future. Here is a deeper look at the state of cybercrime and ways to protect yourself against attacks so that you can maintain business continuity: