Managed EDR


Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Anti-virus just isn't enough to secure your servers, workstations, and devices. Today, endpoint protection must have advanced capabilities such as behavioral analytics and segmentation while also provide security telemetry to SIEMs for organization-wide detection. onShore Security offers a complete, turnkey service, powered by Palo Alto Cortex XDR, VMWare Carbon Black, or Elastic EDR. Have our Elite Blue Team manage this important protection for you.

  • Protect servers, workstations, and devices
  • Protect remote users
  • Block malicious activity
  • Catch compliance violations
  • Provide telemetry to SIEMs and MDR services
  • Increase security maturity

EDR systems have grown to be the biggest bang for the buck of all the security tools. There are many great ones available and we ingest any and all of them into our Panoptic SIEM®. But EDR systems also need their own management and tuning. So we've partnered with the three that we find fit our mid-market client use cases best. We offer a fully-managed, monitored, license-inclusive service. Stand-alone or fully Panoptic Cyberdefense® integrated options are available.

Key Features
Next Generation Anti-VirusBehavioral Threat ProtectionHost Network Inspection
Ransomware ProtectionExploit PrecentionDevice Control (USB, etc.)
Host FirewallKernel ProtectionCredential Theft Protection
Process ProtectionNetwork IsolationFile Quarantine
Host QuarantineCustomizable RulesHost Restore
Root Cause AnalysisThreat Intelligence IntegrationBehavioral Analytics
Application White/BlacklistFile Block ListCustom Dashboards
Why Managed?

There is subtlety and complexity to the reporting from these systems, and often times there’s new information that prompts a further back review or a change in response rules. Without anyone at the helm, the capabilities of the system are diminished.

Analysis Beyond Alerting

As we often point out, alerts need thought and context for decisions to be made. AI helps the analyst focus but someone still needs to decide and take action. It's best to have an expert at the helm, backed with wide resources and tools, to make the best decisions on how to evaluate, take action, and tune. The onShore team becomes your team and the work gets done, raising your security posture every day.

security analysis

Integration with Panoptic Cyberdefense®

The highest level of cybersecurity maturity includes a full-telemetry detection process, like onShore's own Panoptic Cyberdefense®. With it, any EDR is elevated to far more advanced detection with correlation across wide and disparate cybersecurity data across all premise, cloud, and SaaS workloads, including remote staff.

All this with our Security Analysts by your side, responding to requests, analyzing reports, and meeting with you monthly.

Managed EDR Benefits


Protect servers, workstations, and devices wherever they are, on-premise, remote, or in the cloud. Block ransomware and other malicious activity before it detonates.

propriety signature


Enforce security policies at the endpoint. Detect and block compliance violations. Capture activity and performance data for auditing.


Send alerts and activity telemetry to XDR or SIEM for correlation with organization-wide data. Gain insights to tune your SIEM to detect malicious activity early in the kill chain.

Managed EDR Process

24/7 Management

Moves, adds, changes to configuration, agents, and roles/privileges
Provide EDR system maintenance upgrades, patches
Tuning and support

24/7 Monitoring

Alerts investigation and escalation
Response per customized playbook
Ticketing and reporting


Monthly report and review
Quarterly strategic meeting