Why We Win


Why We Win

Unrivaled in Managed Detection and Response

onShore Security is the best in the MDR business. We're one of only a handful of managed cybersecurity providers, nationwide, that provide 24/7 real-time monitoring, correlation, and analysis of organization-wide full-telemetry network data. With our purpose-built Panoptic Cyberdefense® cybersecurity detection platform, we collect data from any system, our own Panoptic Sensor® on your site, cloud-placed sensors, cloud hosts and vswitches, netflow collectors, XDR, firewalls, network devices including encrypted payloads, and correlate that with logs from your systems to achieve an end-to-end security view.

onShore Security Clients

US Subsidiary of International Bank

Assets: $40 Billion

Global Construction And Design Firm

Revenue: $5 Billion

Community and Commercial Bank

Assets: $6.5 Billion

National Transportation Services Company

Revenue: $1.5 Billion

MDR Specialists

Most cybersecurity providers today are really just managed solutions providers or glorified VARs who raised their hand one day, licensed a SIEM, and called it Managed Detection and Response. Still others leverage some great automation and keep it cheap, checking off the compliance checkbox. The product vendors out there climb over each other trying to be a full-stack detection platform, remaining incomplete and inflexible. Only very few MDR companies truly built their platform for the purpose of empowering their analysts with the flexibility of wide ingestion and extensible pivots. Still fewer have the years of battle-hardened process to truly navigate the threat detection waters.

Choosing a company that specializes in MDR is important because though companies may present themselves as general security specialists, capable of MDR, their true value often remains whatever the initial specialty of the company was. This leaves the client with a less-than-optimal operation as the security provider works outside of their actual expertise. Security service providers typically do this because cybersecurity can be seen as one comprehensive area of understanding, but in practice is more like a cluster of related specialties. Providers want to capture any business they can, above and beyond their specialty, and will often mask their true expertise in order to appear to be generalists.

Compliance at the Highest Level

In the pragmatic world in which cybersecurity operations are built, there are three levels of compliance. There is the bare minimum: just enough to be “street legal” and be compliant with the cybersecurity regulations that exist for your industry, with no concern for any future regulation or the intent of it.

There is the next level: feeling secure. Your security operation tells the board what they want to hear and helps them sleep at night. Not necessarily because the company is secure, but rather that they are off the hook. They were told they were secure.

The highest level, of course, is true security maturity. Though some mid-sized businesses may see this as aspirational, especially for industries with few cybersecurity regulations (at the moment), true security maturity brings benefits that grow business. Organizations at this level are prepared to jump at opportunities with more stringent requirements and won’t be slowed down by inevitable new regulations as they are implemented. They're also concerned with the spirit of the requirements which is to be truly and auditably secure.

onShore Security is proud to specialize in MDR and that’s one of the reasons we’re the best MDR in the business. We focus on MDR because we know it’s the most important part of a mature cybersecurity operation. Your business is too important to risk on a vague promise that a company “can do” MDR. Just as you wouldn’t go to a general practitioner to handle heart surgery, working with true specialists in managed detection and response guarantees a smarter, more efficient, and less expensive outcome, with auditable results you can bring to your board of directors.

How Compliant Are You?

Three Common Levels of Compliance



A minimal operation, established to meet the basic requirements of compliance in order to do business.



Meets the standards of industrial peers, securing the operation enough to “feel” secure and confidently compliant.


Security operation is orchestrated, includes protection, detection, and response, and strives to meet highest standards.