Our Mission


onShore Security Mission

Because Security Gives Us Freedom


To detect and respond quickly to true cybersecurity threats as a trusted member of your team, augmenting current security and IT resources - and help you sleep easy at night knowing that you are well-protected and compliant. 

We achieve our mission in three ways: Panoptic Cyberdefense®, Cybersecurity Leadership and Managed Security Solutions.

Founded in 1991 as a software development company, today onShore Security is one of only a handful of managed cybersecurity providers, nationwide, that provide 24/7 real-time monitoring, correlation, and analysis of organization-wide network data. With our Panoptic Cyberdefense® cybersecurity detection service we collect data from any system, IDS on your site, cloud-placed sensors, netflow collectors, firewalls, network devices including encrypted payloads, and correlate that with logs from your systems to achieve an end-to-end security view. We specialize in banks, handling large regional institutions. We also provide Cybersecurity Leadership consulting and Managed Security Solutions.

We believe that onShore Security is the ideal partner for your organization. Our 22 years of experience in managed cybersecurity, 24 years in enterprise networking, ISP, and software development background primarily serving financial institutions, make us rare in the industry. In our years as an ISP, we have had to develop extensive monitoring capabilities, since all nodes on our network are exposed to the internet with zero protection. With this experience and capability, we’ve been able to develop our mature platform and process. While our competitors focus on canned automation products, we focus on building an elite blue team, learning and tuning detection to your network. Our own Panoptic SIEM® and Panoptic Sensor® include advanced features not found in other enterprise solutions. onShore is focused on bespoke services for large clients, including marquee financial and healthcare organizations. We are a boutique, adding one client at a time and staying focused on delivering tailored services that suit each client’s needs. Our value culminates into a true, collaborative partner and extension of your IT team. We use no subcontract nor off-shore staff, leaving no jurisdictional exposure. onShore Security personnel operate within our SOC2 audited policy framework. Event classification follows the ITIL standard. We follow the NIST 800 framework for our policies and service mapping.

Today we are leaders in the cybersecurity defense field.

We developed our own platform to help us monitor the huge amount of network data coming in daily and turned it towards the enterprise in 2004. We use sensors and set up activity thresholds for auditing and reviewing traffic to identify the issues that require immediate response. Our system allows us to detect and correct the little things that can be early indicators of big problems, without effort wasted on the vast majority of traffic that is benign. Our expert engineers and analysts analyze events and continuously tune our systems for greater efficacy. We launched our managed security service in 1999, initially working with financial institutions, many of whom were first movers in cybersecurity, because of the incredibly high financial stakes. We now work with organizations of every type, since nearly every organization is a potential target for hacking, IP theft, and ransomware attacks.

Beware Those Who Over-Promise.

Many security vendors and IT managed service providers rely almost entirely on hardware and software to protect their clients, but it takes human expertise to counter human threats. Hackers, from individuals to those sponsored by foreign governments and crime syndicates, are relentless and creative in their search for ways to thwart automated systems. No single system can provide holistic and comprehensive network protection at all points.

Software and hardware point solutions are important parts of an effective cybersecurity solution - but only part, so beware of those claiming 100% intrusion prevention with software and hardware. This includes your own IT staff, as well as salespeople who won't be there to help when intrusions occur.

Why You Can Trust onShore for Cybersecurity Protection: Strategy & Background

An unpleasant truth: intrusions will occur. While we work with our clients to prevent as much as possible, our broader focus is on detection and response. We first identify vulnerabilities and what is needed for compliance with Cybersecurity Leadership. Then we separate true threats from benign activity within the "firehose of data" collected from systems and sensors and mitigate those threats early in the kill chain. Because today there is no true network perimeter and every point on your network and elsewhere is an attack surface we ingest and correlate data from almost any point solution source, not just log files, and throughout the enterprise and into the cloud, we call this the Panoptic Approach.

Why Do We Do IT? Because Security Gives Us Freedom

When cybersecurity threats are mitigated, you can sleep well at night and have the unhindered confidence to innovate and grow your organization.