Managed Firewall


NexGen Firewall as a Service, Delivered Turnkey

onShore Security's Managed Firewall, or Firewall-as-a-Service, gives our customers the full protection and benefits of a NexGen firewall, operated by experts, without the costs and commitment of owning and operating increasingly outdated equipment.

No matter your needs, onShore has a Managed Firewall solution custom fit for your organization.

Our Managed Firewall is available on your premises, hosted at onShore Security, or in the cloud.

All solutions are powered by best-in-business Palo Alto, Fortinet or Cisco firewalls, with all the NexGen features clients have come to expect, from content filtering to policy enforcement, and our cloud-based solution even creates a software defined wide area network for your users.

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onShore Security's on-premise FWaaS includes NexGen Firewall hardware placed on your network. Our expert analysts manage the hardware remotely and monitor 24/7, with customized reporting.

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Clients may also elect to use onShore Security's hosted solution. Your network traffic is routed to our data center and through our firewall. Hosted solutions offer increased resilience and benefit from our redundant power, connectivity, climate control and other infrastructure, as well a significant reduction in circuit and bandwidth expense for clients operating a WAN.

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Clients with SD-WAN needs find value in our Cloud-based solution, integrating with any SD-WAN offering or managed by onShore. onShore analysts manage this solution remotely, through a single, simple interface via the cloud, which also offers backend management automation and orchestration. Cloud-based firewall solutions allow clients to make the best use of their budget, reducing bandwidth expense across the network, by removing the need for any "core" site.

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We also manage cloud firewalls on public cloud services.


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Managed Firewalls reduce risk to your organization. Using a Managed Firewall means your organization can avoid the capital expenditure associated with purchasing costly firewall equipment, completely removing the risk of maintaining malfunctioning equipment or the need for future upgrades. With FWaaS, you will always have access to top-of-the-line hardware, managed by a team of Firewall specialists. Their expertise and our advanced processes mean that our engineers and analysts minimize mistakes, analyze problems more quickly, and identify and mitigate threats more readily, with fewer false positives and less chance for subtle threats to go undetected. In addition, firewall reports need special attention. Nexgen firewalls provide more data via API that isn't present in logs. We provide daily and monthly reporting for blocked and filtered content, threat detection, geo-activity, and bandwidth graphing. NexGen firewall features also allow you to handle policy management and network edge visibility at the firewall level, reducing risk of gaps in your compliance and exposure. NexGen firewalls, due to their very design, help organizations satisfy compliance requirements. The richer visibility and reporting that a NexGen firewall provides also aids in appeasing auditors. Most importantly, having a third party operate your firewall creates the segregation of duties that regulatory bodies are demanding.

Key Features
24/7 alerting and support24/7 moves/adds/changes
NexGen Hardware-as-a-serviceFull maintenance/updates
Intrusion Protection SystemUnified Threat Management
Content filteringConfiguration management
Issue trackingSecurity specialists
Monthly reporting4 ways to deliver
Log collection, 12mo retentionPredictable, monthly/annual OPex