Vulnerability Management


Continuous Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is an absolute must for any organization. onShore Security offers a complete, turnkey service, delivered from our private cloud. Have our Elite Blue Team manage this important process for you. The ROI is significant and immediate.

  • Get compliant
  • Heighten security
  • Increase organizational maturity
  • Reduce workload on Infosec teams
  • Provide greater clarity to leadership

With fully authenticated internal, external, cloud, agent, and agentless continuous scanning we don’t skip an asset on your network, your users, or in the cloud. We provide an always up-to-date image of your overall security risk and threat intelligence that allows us to predict exploitable vulnerabilities. Stand-alone or fully Panoptic Cyberdefense® integrated options are available.

Key Features
Continuous ScanningUser Behavior TrackingNetwork Device and Firewall Configuration Ingestion
Customer PortalApplication Vulnerability TrackingActive Directory Policies
Weekly Dashboard ReportsOffice 365 Assets and Secure ScorePassword Policies
Monthly Reporting and ReviewIntune Assets Discovery and TrackingUser Analysis
External & Internal Network ScansAzure Assets Discovery and TrackingDevice Analysis
Cloud Workload ScansAsset Vulnerabilities by OSPer Asset and Company Risk Scores
Remote Workstation ScansActive Directory Users and Groups ComplianceMITRE CVE Mapping
Deep Asset Discovery and TrackingSoftware InventoryElasticsearch and Panoptic SIEM® Integration
New Asset Discovery and TrackingSoftware Blacklist ReportJSON, XML, CSV Export

Why Continuous?

Annual or monthly scans are no longer adequate. There are hundreds of new vulnerabilities added to the MITRE CVE database daily. That means every day that you don’t scan, you don’t know if you’re newly vulnerable. Continuous scanning is the the only answer.

Not Just Scanning

Vulnerability scanning alone isn’t enough. Vulnerability Management takes it up a whole level of maturity by adding expansive vulnerability tracking over time. Now you have patch velocity and performance. You also get analysis by user, OS, and application. Let’s not forget an effective asset audit which is the number one control on most security frameworks. This is the oversight all IT and Infosec teams need without adding to their workload.

security analysisOur service instantly and efficiently raises the operational maturity of our clients’ vulnerability management programs. In addition to traditional vulnerability scans, we perform credentialed scans to detect configuration problems that may also cause security vulnerabilities, and deeper, more accurate scanning results overall with wider scan coverage.

All this with our Security Analysts by your side, responding to requests, analyzing reports, and meeting with you monthly.

CVM Benefits

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Today all security frameworks, regulations, and insurance require regular vulnerability scanning of your network and workloads. Soon they will require a full vulnerability management program with continuous scanning.



You can't protect your assets unless you know them. Nor can you mitigate your vulnerabilities unless you know them.


domain maturityMaturity

Your security program gains maturity with clear documentation of your vulnerabilities and metrics of your mitigation efforts.

CVM Process

24/7 Management

Moves, adds, changes to configuration, repository, scanning agents, and roles/privileges
Provide scanning system maintenance upgrades, patches

24/7 Monitoring

Missing patches
New assets on your network
Configuration mistakes
Appliances, agents, compliance dashboards, and scheduled tasks


Monthly report and review
Quarterly strategic meeting