Cybersecurity Leadership


Cybersecurity Leadership

We developed our Cybersecurity Leadership program while working with our heavily regulated bank clients. Working with our consultants, you will achieve a higher level of security maturity. onShore provides the tools and expertise to analyze your infrastructure and policies, and prepare your team to overcome the security obstacles that businesses face. Our guidance keeps organizations prepared for cyber attack, compliant with regulations, and continually maturing in an ever-changing ecosystem.

Security Starts with Leadership

onShore’s Cybersecurity Leadership is a professional service, custom-tailored to the needs and goals of your organization, designed to augment the leadership necessary to build a mature cybersecurity operation, from the ground up. Our typical clients are regulated industries and enterprises, with complex networks and a developing cybersecurity operation. We work with your Risk Management and Cybersecurity teams to identify the most valuable digital assets, assess security gaps, inform policy, provide reporting, facilitate compliance readiness, and get you on the path to grow and maintain cybersecurity.


domain maturityCybersecurity Leadership builds on a foundation of understanding and awareness of your network. Through scans, reviews, and tests, onShore is able to provide a clear view of what vulnerabilities may exist and what should be done to fill these gaps.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Governance and regulatory compliance require in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity requirements and insight into proper policy. Cybersecurity Leadership provides both the in-house knowledge of requirements and the tools and process for developing and managing policy and policy frameworks. We handle industry and insurance compliance and also provide research for emerging requirements.

Security Readiness

Continued security readiness requires consistent and regular review of policy and plans. Our consultants assist in the authorship of new policy and assess the effectiveness of current policy. We help you and your organization plan and make measured decisions about systems and processes in order to be able to respond to the inevitable cybersecurity event.


Cybersecurity Leadership augments your organization’s cybersecurity team with all of the benefits of a CISO without the cost or commitment. onShore’s offering includes reporting and presentation to the executive and board level, interfacing with auditors, and event authoritative confirmation as required for compliance. We’ll provide you with the tools and oversight to manage your cybersecurity responsibilities, including security policy framework management and situational awareness reporting. Any aspect of ISO or CISO responsibilities can be brought to our team for input and assistance.