Managed Security Systems

onShore Security manages many security systems for the enterprise including our own proprietary Panoptic SIEM and Panoptic Sensor platforms. All systems are fully managed and monitored including all licensing and little to no up front costs. Security data and logs feed into the Panoptic SIEM and our own Panoptic Cyberdefense SOC service.

  • Panoptic SIEM

    onShore's own ELK Stack-Based SIEM uses big-data analysis functions for advanced correlation. Almost any data source can be accepted.
  • Panoptic Sensor

    The onShore Sensor includes multiple detection engines and machine learning for advanced sensing such as producer/consumer ratio, host behavior, network device activity, rogue DNS, malware traversal, and more, to truly empower the analyst and threat hunter.
  • Firewall Management

    onShore's Firewall Management utilizes nexgen Palo Alto or Fortinet firewalls. The can be deployed on premise, co-located, or in the cloud.
  • Vulnerability Management

    onShore deploys a recurring scan system on premise and in the cloud to track your system vulnerabilities and patching progress.
  • Email Security

    onShore manages a cloud-based email gateway that provides email threat protection and disaster recovery functions.
  • Connectivity

    onShore provides and manages Internet, VPN, and private line circuits. Cloud-based managed firewalls reduce core site bandwidth requirements for a powerful, cost-effective solution.
  • SD-WAN

    onShore employs and manages the Opaq Networks SD-WAN service which includes cloud-based Palo Alto firewalls for a very powerful, cost-effective alternative to private lines or MPLS.
  • WAF/DDoS Mitigation

    onShore manages web application firewalls that monitor and block potentially malicious traffic to your web server. DDoS mitigation can be bundled in.
  • Endpoint Detection

    onShore manages the Opaq Networks endpoint detection system which blocks black-listed sites and other policy violations.
  • Secure Co-location

    Co-locate your servers with a cybersecurity company when security truly matters.
  • Multi-factor Authentication

    onShore monitors and manages a DUO system for your network. Full licensing, configuration, and support is included for a turnkey solution.